Hijabs & Hoodies day of solidarity + open studio
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Hijabs & Hoodies day of solidarity + open studio

Hijabs & Hoodies Day of Solidarity is a community action calling for solidarity and support from different communities by encouraging engage and participate in a conversation around racial and religious profiling as a symbol of solidarity.

In Hijabs & Hoodies, I want viewers to encounter faces and fabrics that draw a range of reactions—depending on who view them. I will have an “Open Studio” process whereby I will be taking photos and video portraits of participants who self identify as Muslim women in Hijabs and Black men in hoodies. I am asking the public to participate and contribute to this ongoing dialogue about race, violence, and racial-profiling.

This will include a panel discussion with community members and a healing workshop led by Ashley Wilkerson, a well respected poet, actress, vibe specialist, and certified meditation teacher, Ashley integrates her varied life experiences, gifts and talents to connect with people on a deeper level. Ashley Wilkerson is intentional with her magic. She softens and activates people so they can get down to the work that matters. Ashley has facilitated healing services and creative workshops for incarcerated youth & adults, college students, and community members. She has worked extensively with veterans, grieving mothers and crime survivors.Leading a healing and meditation workshop, Ashley Wilkerson will hold space to learn healing and mindful meditation practices.

Please join us!



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