Raised in South Africa and Rwanda, Tracy Keza is a Kenyan born, US-based photographer and recent graduate from Trinity College. When Tracy moved to the US for her undergraduate career she found herself having to integrate into the African American/black culture at a time where racial tension and injustice towards black and brown people has become the norm due to the socio-political systematic bias that perpetuates racial inequality. As a visual artist, she finds herself in a unique position that allows her to explore and dissect issues of race, religion, gender, and diasporic identity from different perspectives.

As an undergraduate she majored in Environmental Science with a minor in Photography hoping to return to Africa with the power of both science and art to create social changes. In January 2016, Tracy was selected as the artist-in-residence for Studio Revolt, an award-winning collaborative media lab currently engaged in international collaborative work. Her photography-based project “Hijabs and Hoodies” is being incubated with Studio Revolt during her 2016 residency.